jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015

Llamado a presentación trabajos para el VII Congreso Internacional de la Red SIAL Estocolmo

Important deadlines
Submission of abstracts (papers and posters):     January 31st 2016 (500 words)
Submission of full papers, first version:              1st of March
Comments on papers first version:                      15th of March
Submission of full papers (for proceedings):      30th of March

Contact information: Paulina Rytkönen, SYALStockholm2016@sh.se
Conference home page: http://www.sh.se/SYALStockholm2016

Topic 1. New rurality
1. The new rurality in the Baltic and Eastern European countries in turbulent times.
2. Knowledge and knowledge transfer, inter-activity, connectivity, value creation and co-creation and new forms and arenas for interaction in the new rurality
3. Entrepreneurship and Innovative Glocal Solutions for New Ruralities
4. Gender, Institutions and Regional Development in the New Rurality.

Topic 2. Territorial Governance and LAFS
5. Territorial governance and innovation in Local Agro-food Systems
6. General session on localized agri-food systems. Lock-in and transition for localized agri-food systems in a changing world.

Topic 3. LAFS and the market: Short Food Chain, Public Procurement, and Tourism 
7. Geographical indications in Syal 
8. Short food chains and SIAL
9. Local & organic food, institutional customers and public procurement.
10. Rural tourism, heritage and regional transformations

Topic 4. Environment and Agroecology for the SYAL
Scientific coordination: Dominique Barjolle and Paulo Viera

11. Biowaste management: key factor for resilient and sustainable localized agri-food systems
12. Environment and Agroecology for the SYAL Session 4: Sustainability and Agroecology for SYAL
13. Assessing sustainability of food systems: a way to compare local with global food systems 

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